Common Health Issues

The leading health issues among Asian Americans are Cancer, Heart Disease, Strokes, and Diabetes

  • Male Asians Americans have a higher percentage of stomach and liver cancer compared to Caucasians.

  • 1 in 12 Asians Americans are chronically infected with Hepatitis B
  • Asian Americans account for MORE THAN HALF the population infected with Hepatitis B
  • OVER a THIRD of Asian Americans are undiagnosed with the infection

  • Asian Americans are 5% more likely to have diabetes than white people.
  • Almost half of Asian Americans with diabetes are undiagnosed.
  • South Asian and Filipino Americans (between age 45 – 84) have the highest risk of diabetes compared to other Asian groups.

  • Children in low-income households have a higher risk of obesity, especially those in low-income Vietnamese and Filipino families.


  • In general, Asian Americans have the second lowest uninsured percentage
  • Korean, Vietnamese and other Asian American groups have a higher uninsured percentage than other Asian American groups. 
  • Indian Americans have the lowest uninsured population
  • Korean Americans has the highest uninsured rate among all Asian groups
  • By 2017, there is still a 5.6% uninsured gap between Asian Americans households below the poverty line and those well-over the poverty line


  • 90% of community organizations need in-languages and culturally appropriate resources related to health.
  • 34% of Asian Americans have Limited English Proficiency
  • Asian American scored relatively lower in health literacy
  • Every 1 in 3 Chinese Americans still need help at least sometimes even when given the medical in Chinese